Radio Taxi

Our call-center

Our Cooperativa Artigiana Radiotaxi call centre is the main way for customers to request our services. In operation since the company was founded more than 35 years ago, over the years it has been the focus of regular investment programmes in innovative technologies, highlighting our attention to service. This has led us to the efficient, dynamic call centre we have today, capable of handling a large volume of calls and connecting 120 vehicles to the switchboard through several radio channels and GPRS technology, coordinated by an integrated GPS which lets us know the whereabouts of every car in the fleet at any moment.

24 hours a day

Call us on +39 041.59.64 from a landline or mobile 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your transport needs will be met by either our operators or the night time automated service.

The night time taxi service is provided by an automated answering system, and is activated every night from 10pm to 7am enabling customers to call a taxi even when an operator is not available.

All our Taxi are equipedd with the POS (Checkout) system for rapid and secure electronic payment with all the majors credit cards.


  • Call phone number +39 041 5964
  • An automated message will explain the procedure, after which you will hear a beep
  • Simply say clearly and within 5 seconds the municipality if is not Venice, followed by the street and building number for the pickup
  • Wait on the phone while the system assigns the request to the nearest taxi
  • The system will ask you to confirm the request
  • Wait for the taxi

For more information or to book a taxi call +39 041 5964 or send an email to