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There is no better window in Veneto. We are present in the most important hubs in the City of Venice and the entire region.

  • The Airport System of Venice, which comprises Venice and Treviso airports, registered over 9.5 million total passengers in 2011, confirming its well-established position as third largest Italian airport centre after Rome and Milan. The Airport System of Venice handled 20,478 tonnes of cargo during the first six months of 2012 (January - June) [1].
  • In 2011 Venice Passenger Terminal used as a tourist port, reached a record 2,248,453 international passengers and handled 152,668 international vehicles [2].
  • Around 85,000 people pass through Venezia-Mestre Railway Station every day, and 31 million every year. With around 500 trains per day, it represents a strategic point in the intricate transport system of the Venetian hinterland [3].
  • A total of 34,978,006 tourists visited the province of Venice in 2011 (arrivals and overnight stays) [4]

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