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How to recognize a taxi

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All our taxis meet Italian legislation on taxis [1] which states that:

  • White taxis

    Since 1996 taxis in Italy must be white.

  • Taxi meter

    Taxis must have an approved taxi meter placed in a clearly visible position for the customer and sealed by the local authority with the official seal of Venice Council, in order that it cannot be in any way tampered with. The taxi meter must be activated at each journey [2].

  • Yellow shield

    Every taxi must display a shield below the handles of the front doors and in the rear, indicating:

    • The unique licence number issued by the council
    • The words "Servizio Pubblico" (Public Service), the name and coat of arms of the council that issued the licence
  • Illuminated sign

    Taxis must have an illuminated sign on the roof that reads TAXI.

  • Fares

    Taxis must have a list of fares onboard available to customers, and in a visible position.

  • Unique taxi code

    In addition, all our taxis have a sticker on the front bumper, displaying:

    • The unique taxi code, formed by the name of an Italian city and a number (e.g. VENEZIA 15)
    • The Cooperativa Artigiana Radiotaxi logo and phone number +39 041 5964


[1] Law No. 21 of January 15 1992 "Framework Law for the carriage of passengers by public charter services", Regional Law No.22 of July 30 1996 "Rules for the operation of administrative functions for charter transport services by land", Municipality of Venice, "Municipal regulation for the operation of public charter services and car hire with driver".
[2] As regards fares for fixed routes, the taxi meter will display the total amount from the start of the journey