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The transport sector was one of the most affected by the consequences of the epidemic and the severe containment measures to combat it.

The Veneto Region has issued specific ordinances regarding public transport which, among others, provide for a reduction in the number of passengers that can be transported in taxis.

Therefore, we always ask customers to contact our switchboard to find out how to behave.In any case, during the emergency period, it is mandatory for all customers to wear masks and gloves, and not to occupy the seat alongside the driver.

All our operators have been adequately equipped with protective measures. In addition, we ensure the sterilization of all taxis at the end of each service.

All our taxis are sanitized with ozone treatment also of the air conditioning system.

In 50% of our taxi fleet, transparent dividers have been installed to protect both the customer and the taxi driver.

Inside each taxi a hand sanitizing gel dispenser is available for customers.


We all hope to return to hug each other shortly, but it is every person's care to do everything possible for this terrible nightmare to end soon.